Cutscenes: A Video Game Movie Podcast
1 year ago

S1E4 - Grandma's Boy (2006)

In our fourth episode of Season 1, the team fights their way through the male-dominated video game industry in Grandma's Boy.

Hosted by Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt), Katie Lesperance (@lesperak) & Travis Colenutt (@TravisColenutt).

Show Notes:

  • 1:10 The Tutorial (our 60-second plot summary)
  • 2:20 We begin to talk about how this movie sucks
  • 4:50 This movie does not work in 2020
  • 9:45 Taking Eternal Death Slayer 3 to the promised land
  • 12:30 The grandmas were the best part of the film
  • 15:55 We stan Linda Cardellini all-day
  • 17:50 We talk about the party
  • 19:35 Alex's game: Demonik
  • 23:45 Baby loves milk
  • 29:20 We talk about the film's lead
  • 31:35 Weird product placements (like J!nx)
  • 34:00 Let's head into Critical Hits (the segment where we dive into User Reviews on
  • 39:10 We play "Cancelled or Nah" in a game inspired by Demonik
  • 44:15 MinMax (the segment where we tell you about the good (Max) and the no-so-good (Min)
  • 51:20 Should this movie be cut or seen?

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Music (used under Creative Commmons): "Introduction" by Lifeformed | Intro Voiceover by DJ Stormageddon